What's this all about?

The Hacker Shelf is inspired by the tradition of sharing links to free books on Hacker News and Reddit. The main problem with both approaches is I inevitably wind up losing the links, along with the fact that neither of them was purpose-built for book-sharing or discovery, so I did this to scratch my own itch.

Guidelines for submission

  1. While it would be great if all books were in the Public Domain, authors are free to license their books however they please. A book can only be submitted to Hackershelf if the author has granted explicit permission to distribute or share links to their work, accessible at no cost to the reader. In other words, we like free as in speech, but free as in beer is also more than welcome :-).

  2. Any book - technically oriented, or otherwise - can be shared on the Hacker Shelf, subject to the first guideline. However, only well-written books, which a hacker would find interesting may be submitted. I may work on a moderation system to filter out poor or inappropriate submissions, but for now, simply flag any book that does not follow these two rules. Basically, if you can submit it to Hacker News, you can submit it here.

About the developer

The Hacker Shelf was designed and built using Django by Okal Otieno, a freelance web developer. You can reach me on my website, http://justokal.com .

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