Loving Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer's Secret Weapon

Mark Watson

Loving Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer's Secret Weapon

I was motivated to write this book because I have been an enthusiastic Lisp programmer since the 1970s and I would like to motivate more programmers to learn ANSI Common Lisp.

While I consider Java to be twice as "programmer efficient" as C++, I consider Common Lisp to be twice as good as Java for some applications. Common Lisp compilers are freely available, stable, and compiled Common Lisp code is very fast.

Not yet programming in Lisp? Spend a few evenings with this free web book and experience what many computer scientists consider the best all-around programming language.

The language Scheme is also a dialect of Lisp and is frequently used in programming classes. My free web book only covers Common Lisp, not Scheme.

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