From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory

Mark M. Wilde

Quantum information theory has recently been a subject of intense research, due to the possibility of enhanced communication rates over optical channels, secure communication, and quantum speedups for certain computational tasks. In order to realize each of the above promises, one should understand how to combat noise effectively. This book aims to develop such an understanding from an information-theoretic perspective, and it exploits this understanding to develop protocols for classical communication, private communication, and quantum communication. This book also features a treatment of recent advances from research in quantum information theory accompanied with extensive illustrations.

- Extensive overview of classical information theory for the non-expert
- Applications to many example quantum channels of practical interest, including depolarizing, amplitude damping, dephasing, and erasure channels
- Many inline exercises to enhance understanding
- Includes many recent research advances in quantum information theory
- Many figures clearly illustrating the operation of quantum communication protocols
- Detailed explanations and proofs for many capacity theorems in quantum information theory
- Logical separation of book content into parts: Introduction, The Quantum Theory, Unit Quantum Protocols, Tools of Quantum Shannon Theory, Noiseless Quantum Shannon Theory, and Noisy Quantum Shannon Theory

Submitted by mwilde on May 30, 2012, 8:40 p.m.
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