To-Do: Team!

Simple productivity techniques for improving your team & making software that matters

Karol Sójko

To-Do: Team!

This books answers burning team productivity problems in an easy to implement way. To-Do: Team! is designed to help you improve your team’s effectiveness and communication in a few simple steps. This book is for team leaders and lead developers who suffer from ineffective software development processes.

As a team leader and behavior driven development practitioner, I’ve read and tested hundreds of methods on the subject of project management and software development.

I promise that if you follow the simple steps included in this book, your team’s productivity will improve drastically. Your clients will become more involved, helping you and your team to efficiently and effectively reach your goals. Thanks to techniques like impact mapping, scrum or BDD, your team will find additional time for personal development and improvement.

Don’t be the passive team leader whose team is not performing their best. Be the person who puts the “team” back in “team work.” Be the person who creates the most productive and lean work environment. Be the proactive person every team will want to follow.

The tips and tricks you’re about to read have been proven to create positive, long-lasting results. All you have to do to improve the way your team works is to keep reading. Each chapter will give you new insight into the world of effective software development. Take control of your agile team now; make it productive and start to enjoy working on every project you create.

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